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Who We Are & What We Do

About Us

The garments that your colleagues wear are so much more than meets the eye. With attention to detail and a personalised approach, Luxury Textiles understands the importance of making your team look, and feel good.

Meet Our People

The Leadership Team

We partner with many businesses, all with the same values; dedicated and committed, with a passion for detail. We partner with UK based businesses wherever we can.


Billy McNeill

With 15 years experience under his belt, Billy has a vast amount of knowledge in advising and supplying garment programmes to every type of hotelier. From small boutique hotels to world renowned chains, he understands that people are a brand’s greatest asset. With attention-to-detail at the forefront of every relationship, Billy has a passion for making a difference, and making people feel good in what they wear. Working very closely to the industry, Billy sponsors and supports organisations within hospitality wherever he can.

Operations Manager

Colleen Shek

Communication is key for Colleen. With a passion for delivering exceptional service, Colleen will find a solution for every challenge she is presented with. Her positive outlook and optimism, paired with her experience managing projects and operations, offers the perfect recipe to make things happen and deliver fantastic results.

Detail is everything

Our Approach

Every partnership that we endeavour is unique. It is vital to begin with a deep-dive of getting to know you and your business. Understanding the root of the challenge and opportunities at hand is vital to develop garment wardrobes that bring out the best of your team, whilst reflecting the true characteristics of your brand. 

Your colleagues are your most important asset. The garments they wear each day must make them feel empowered, with a sense of belonging and pride. Luxury Textiles will aim to create garment wardrobes to reflect what your company stands for, ensuring the team and what they wear reflects your brand values.

Achieving Your Vision

Our Services

We create valuable partnerships with our clients, and aim to bring every vision to life.

With our stock and bespoke options available, we are able to design and develop a range of garments suitable to your budget, timelines and overall aspirations.

With a key focus on sustainability, our full service design and production services, ensures we can achieve your goals, whilst aligning with your sustainability objectives.

From understanding what’s important and not important to you and creating detailed samples, to fitting sessions and launch, we are passionate about delivering a solution that makes your people feel and look good.

Elevate your brand

Let's Work Together

Get in touch to discuss your vision.